Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beach Princess is the new lotion of the week

As you know, the Original Tan Down Under has been giving you a new Lotion of the Week nearly every week and this week is no exception.

This week Brown Sugar Beach Princess was chosen to be our lotion of the week and to give you a great opportunity to own this excellent Tanning Lotion we reduced the price to just $25.00 for the week.

Other things are happing as well. If you read the monthly flyer I am sure you saw the UV Free Spray Booth special we are offering that is a sweet deal and from that double session you will see phenominal color, so give that a try.

In addition this weekend we have another big three day special on our very popular 11 Tans for $19.99 again that is another great offer.

Remember take time for yourself and go tanning. It is like a 20 minute vacation in your busy day.

Happy Tanning

Monday, May 9, 2011

Black Sugar is the Lotion of the Week

This is the new lotion of the week at Tan Down Under and it is a very nice one. Brown Sugar a very rich line of tanning products from Tan Inc. developed and released Black Sugar for the 2011 Tanning Season. This is a very nice 35 bronzer tanning lotion.

Black Sugar has an excellent fragrance and silky smooth feel when applying prior to tanning. The fragrance is a very nice Pomegranate Mango with Starfruit and Water Lilly.

Remember the name Black Sugar, it is our Lotion of the Week with a very low special price of just $20.

If you want good results from your tanning session this is a lotion that could help you.

Be sure to take time for yourself. Going tanning can make you feel like a new person.

Happy Tanning