Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bad weather encourages Tanning

We have found as the weather changes and the temperature drops the number of tanners increases here at the salon. Of course for those of you who have lived in the Northwest you
accept that as the norm, as I do.

Well, in other parts of the country like Las Vegas, Phoenix and El Paso the norm is quite different when it comes to indoor tanning. In the hotter and more sunny regions of the country Tanners tend to want to tan indoors because of the extreme heat from the sun outside.

You get areas such as Miami where the owners of tanning salons in that region get most of their business from the tourist. When I think about that it makes little or no sense to me. When you go to an area of the country with beautiful beaches and alot of sun, why would you tan inside. Well our of curiousity I have asked that question of various salon owner and almost all answered with the fact that people come to that area of the country planning on getting a tan but find so much to do they do not get the time to lay out on the beach and do not want go home looking pale so they tan inside before leaving for home.

But that is there and this is here where we need UV Light for seasonal depression, to protect against sunburn befere you leave on a vacation and for the many ways that UV light really does help us with health related items, many of which you will find on our web site.

For me a real big factor in tanning is the fact that when I go to a tanning booth and proceed to tan it means I am going to get 20 minutes of peace and quiet. That is my 20 minute vacation in a busy day. Try it you will be glad you did.

Happy Tanning,

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weather Turning Cool! Tanning Beds Help!

Although I should not be, I am amazed at how many Tanners come back to tanning as soon as the weather turns cool much like it is now. I guess it is understandable in as much as going through the summer you enjoy warmer weather and many chances to go out side and spend time in the sun. Once the temperature cools down and it becomes to cold to go outside and do many of the activities you enjoy. The thought of losing the tan you developed through the summer, the fact that now no bright sunlight to help get rid of some of the seasonal depression that can rear its ugly head this time of the year has shown up it is understandable for Tanners to go back inside to their favorite tanning bed.

We have been doing a lot of changing since we took the salon back from Debbie Johnson. Our biggest goal is to regain lost tanners and of course get the salon back on track to it will stop losing money and once again become a business that can pay for itself while giving our tanners a positive tanning experience. We have been making repairs, relamping beds and in short bringing the salon back up to our standards for tanning excellence.

This week we have introduced another lotion of the week which I am sure you will enjoy and we have put in on sale at a special introductory price. Check it out when you are in the salon.
We have just emailed our latest Calendar of events and specials.

Remember we want you to enjoy a positive tanning experience each and every time you come to our salon. Oh yes we have gift cards ready for the holidays.

Thank you and Happy Tanning.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tanners find their way back

As most everyone was aware this Tan Down Under was sold about a year and half ago but that sale did not work out. Now, we are back in charge and this salon is called the Original Tan Down Under.

We have talked to a lot of tanners since we took over about two months ago, trying to find out how they felt, we talked to tanners who still tan with us and others that had left and tried to find a tanning salon they could be happy with. We asked for comments and complaints and have gotten some of each, with that information we have been able to make changes that will please. One of the biggest complaints was results for the tanning session and that of course is a result of weak lamps, changing lamps is something that a lot of salons tend not to do as often as they should. Just a note that I think most tanners understand and that is that with good lamps the results are fantastic, with weak lamps or pretty much wasted lamps the results are terrible.

One of the sad things we found out was that many of the long time tanners had left to find another salon. When asked what was the problem, replys varied but centered around the fact that the salon was not run as it had in the past. I heard comments about kids running around in the salon during work hours, heard about it not being clean and poorly trained help. Another comment that I have heard frenquently is that the lady that was in charge was not friendly and did not seem to want to be bothered much of the time.

I am now happy to report that we are seeing increasing numbers of tanners and those tanners are bringing their friends back in. We have gotten tanners that tanned with us at some of the locations that we used to own and are now driving a little to find what they are looking for in a tanning salon. We do focus on great customer service and tanning results.

Our hours will probably change and become longer as we near the holiday season but for now we are open Monday through Friday from 8am to 9pm., Saturday from 9am to 9pm and Sunday from 9am to 8pm. In the meantime remember that we offer appointments for anyone who has a schedule that is pressing and we are also glad to serve walk in tanners.

Happy Tanning

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Original Tan Down Under is the place in the Portland area

We are the Original Tan Down Under and want to welcome you to our store in the Oregon Trail Center on Burnside in Gresham.

We recently got this store back from Debbie Johnson the owner of what was Sandy's Tan Down Under for a little more than a year. But due to unfortunate circumstances Johnson made a decision to close down.

Actually it was August 6th that we regained control of what is now the Original Tan Down Under. We are calling it the Original Tan Down Under because for near 20 years we owned and operated a chain of 5 Tan Down Unders and wanted people to know and be confident in the fact that this store is being operated much like the other ones were.

You will see the shelves have been restocked the salon has been cleaned and will remain that way, lamps have been changed and other changes will be happing on a regular basis.

In the last couple of months we have learned of the likes and dislikes people experienced with the most recent ownership and management. I believe that you will like the changes we have begun to make happen.

Some of you have been in and met our staff of Tanning Consultants. Our store manager, Michelle worked for our chain of salons for more than 8 years. The other manager Christine we have put into place worked for us as a manager for several years some years ago. The rest of the staff, although new is excellent and is being trained properly.

We are going to continue to offer you the best prices possible. Running a salon properly is not inexpensive and making sure that everything runs properly and does what it is supposed has a price tag, but we are going to work at giving you the best tanning sessions at a price that you can afford and do not mind paying.

We find changing our lamps to be very important as that is what really makes a good tanning salon. Many salons around advertised cheap prices and big discounts on everything but these are the very salons who more often than not do not change lamps. Changing lamps in a tanning bed is an expensive process and in order to save money it does get put off. Keep in mind a tanning lamp if it is a premium lamp has an operating life in most cases of about 1000 hours after that time the UV part of that lamp (the tanning ability) is gone and yet that lamp will stay lit up for another 500 to 1000 hours but does nothing more than emit light. So you see having a salon that offers cheap prices but does not change lamps means you are throwing your money away. With us we want you to get results. You get results you will be happy and come back more often and you will help us spread the word.

People have asked if we are affiliated with the other Tan Down Unders in the area. That answer is NO we sold three salons to Jimmy Kashuba about a year ago. Inside of that year Kashuba managed to get the one in Vancouver and the one at 173rd and Halsey shut down for non payment of rent. For now he is operating the one at 117th and NE Halsey but is in no way affiliated with our Gresham location.

Remember we offer you the best tanning, we have more than 20 Tanning units and an Omega UV Free Spray booth waiting for you . We take appointments and walk ins. If you sign up for our email list at our web site we will be sure you get all of the latest specials.

The office phone number for the Original Tan Down Under is 503-907-1779 and the direct salon number is 503-465-0830. If you have questions please let us know.

Happy Tanning.