Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vitamin D may be answer to avoiding flu

Recently an online lab site is promotion research connecting ideal vitamin D levels in the blood with lower risk of flu during winter months.

"Flu season is just about upon the U.S., and this means that many people will soon start coming down with infections. However, a vitamin D test may help individuals prepare for the season and understand if they need to do more to boost their immune system," This reported in PrivateMDlabs.coms recent newsletter. "A 2005 study published in the FASEB Journal showed that vitamin D plays a crucial role in the production of certain types of white blood cells that are needed for fighting off infections. A deficiency of the nutrient may leave individuals short on these important molecules."

"That is why vitamin D testing is so important, it can give individuals a sense of how well their immune system is functioning. Low levels of the nutrient may indicate a susceptibility to infections. Higher levels could mean individuals are less likely to come down with a cold or the flu"

Other groups, including the non-profit vitamin D council, promote the sunshine vitamin as a key to reducing the risk of autoimmune diseases, influenza.

Exposure to UV light is known to increase levels of vitamin D the sunshine vitamin.