Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New additions to the TAN DOWN UNDER Team

Two well known Hair Stylists in the Gresham have joined the Tan Down Under team and they will be
doing hair in our newly redecorated Hair Salon located inside of the salon.

JoAnn Rees and Dawn Dammann will be adding a new level of service to Tan Down Under. Both of these
stylists have many years of experience which they will be bringing with them. They offer a full range of
Hair Services.

If you have any questions feel free to call and talk to either of them directly or to schedule an appointment: For JoAnn it is 503-307-1075 and for Dawn it is 971-404-4063.

Remember Tan Down Under is open 7 days a week at 2231 NE Burnside in Gresham. If you want to schedule a tanning session call us at 503-465-0830.

See you soon and Happy Tanning

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tanning Facts and information

We get asked about Tanning and about the negative press that seems to saturate the media at different times and what is true and what is not. Because we are in the tanning industry we try to do our homework and pass on information to our tanners to keep them better informed.

Something that was published a few months ago in Island Sun Times cited a few important facts that I would like to share with you:

Fact #1: If regular sun exposure could prevent cancer, why do we always hear only the opposite?

Evidence: The almighty dollar. Fear of the sun, scaring people about wrinkles and skin cancer, is a multi-billion-dollar industry led by huge special interests groups who not only conduct most of the research on this topic but also promote it. Lobbyists for pharmaceutical firms that sell billions of dollars of sunscreens and anti-sun cosmetics have teamed with the dermatology industry to promote a misinformed campaign of sun abstinence. Conversely, there is no major industry except the indoor tanning industry that could make money by promoting the positive effects of sunshine. And the indoor tanning industry consists of smaller companies that do not match the marketing saturation of the multi-billion dollar "sun-scare coalition." The idea that people need to control their sun exposure is valid, but sun-scare lobbyists have taken that message too far.

Fact #2: Indoor tanning is helping to reduce the incidence of sunburn.

Evidence: It's true. One industry study has shown that indoor tanners, are 81 percent less likely to sunburn indoors or outside than non-tanners. That's because tanning salons are playing a lead role in educating people that moderate tanning is okay and sunburn should be avoided. The impractical message of sun abstinence promoted by the "sun-scare coalition" is totally ineffective, people are not going to hide from sunshine. Indeed, the American Academy of Dermatology reported in 1997 that sunburn incidence has increased nine percent in the past 10 years, despite all-out efforts of sun-scare industries to warn people about the dangers of overexposure. In that same time period, sunburn incidence among indoor tanners has declined. It is the non-tanners who are doing most of the burning. Given that reality, teaching people who can tan the principles of smart tanning is most practical.

Fact #3: Sun exposure could actually help prevent cancer.

Evidence: It's true. Studies indicating that this relationship exists need to be considered. Many different researchers have shown that regular moderate sun exposure may play a role in preventing several kinds of cancers, including colon and breast cancers, which claim hundreds of thousands of lives annually. Several studies have shown that Vitamin D, whose only reliable source for humans comes from sunshine, may play a role in retarding or arresting pre-cancerous cells in the body from reproducing. Indeed, we have known for decades that overall cancer rates are significantly higher in sun-deprived parts of the world.

A twenty minute tanning session makes you feel better and does help increase energy levels. So why not give yourself a twenty minute vacation in you busy day and come tanning.