Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Lotion From Skincare by Hoss

This is a recent Press release from HOSS SAUCE regading SONS OF OUTLAW.

It is new and it is exciting! We have had many enquiries for a long time asking when we were going to come out with a lotion with more tingle than any we have produced before. We had been promising a new state of the art tingle lotion like nothing else on the market. We have spent well over a year in research and development putting together what we wanted to bring to you.

It has happened, we were finally satisfied that we had was what you were looking for and wanted, it was a new generation of tingle lotion like we had promised to come out with for a long time, SONS OF OUTLAW is here it has been released and comments have been excellent with reviews touting the great results that are being seen after first use. We believe this could easily become our most popular Tingle Tanning Lotion of all time.

SONS OF OUTLAW is the name and results are the game. Boy that sounds good doesn’t it? Well it is true as we went through the testing process developing this fantastic lotion we watched individuals go from a fair tan to dark tan in one use, it is that good. Then repeated use found that dark tan getting darker and richer looking with each useage.

This is more than just a lotion with a little tingle it is a very high quality skincare product that happens to be a tanning lotion. A great deal of time was spent in developing this dynamic lotion. Special attention went into making this product one that will not only leave your skin feeling great and looking younger and more vibrant.

We formulated this lotion with great care, it has a blend of anti-oxidants to help diminish free radical damage, vitamins and minerals add more to the quest of having soft smooth and properly hydrated skin. Our special blend of tingle and aloe help stimulate the collagen allowing for to more healthy skin which can lead to younger looking more vibrant skin.

We have Sons Of Outlaw as our lotion of the week this week in the store. It is a strong tingle product that will get results fast. You will love the results and fragrance.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rickets...Vitamin D Deficiency

A Colorado woman whos infant daughter's severe vitamin D deficiency led to a shattered spine and multiple other fractures had her daughter taken away from her by authorities who mistook the childs injuries as child abuse reports the Vitamin D Council.

The woman, 20 year old Michelle Gonzalez, went through several misdiagnosis of her daughter's lack of movement before a doctor finally took an x-ray. "After the x-ray though, my whole life flipped completely upside down. My husband and I were informed that my daughter had multiple fractures throughout her body and that her spine was also fractured which was the cause of her loss of movement in her arms. I just about fained when they told me this." Gonzalez wrote in a letter to to the Vitamin D Council. "They then informed me that they had to report it to child protection, which I fully understood and in my heart I knew they would figure out that this was not abuse but something more. But I was wrong."

"After being at the hospital for almost two weeks, the police and a couple social workeres came to tell us that we had to leave the hospital immediately and that if we came back or even called we would be arrested. That was July 28th, the day she turned three months and the last time I ever saw my daughter."

The Vitamin D Council is fighting to get authorities to realize that vitamin D deficiency-caused rickets cases are not child abuse - claiming that Gonzalez is not alone and that many other cases of child hood fractures are being misdiagnosed.

You might wonder why I would post this information on a tanning site but it is quite simple. Everyone needs ample amounts of vitamin D. Most people are deficient in Vitamin D and especially in this area of the country. Exposure to UV B light helps you body produce the much needed vitamin d it needs to maintain good health. As you know it this climate there is not enough sunlight exposure to solve deficiency and when most go out in the sun the excessive use of sunscreen that blocks exposure to suns rays happens.

20 minutes in a tanning bed is equal to two hours in the sun thus giving you some of the much needed vitamin d.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Try a UV Free Spray Tan Today

UV Free Spray tanning is a great way for anyone to get a very nice looking tan the very day that they need it. As a matter of fact a tan from our spray tan unit will begin devoping at the time of the application and should be fully developed in approximately four hours. Think how nice that can be if you are desiring a tan for a wedding, for a party, for a convention for a date.

Yes, a fast tan that looks real, no orange look. We pride ourselves in the quality of spray tan we deliver. We use the best equipment and the solution that is applied is by far the very best in the industry. Have you thought about trying a spray tan?

It is simple and very quick. When you arrive at our salon you check in and then if you are new to the process you will view a short dvd that will explain everything to you and how to get the most out of your session.

One thing I always like to make everyone aware of and that is to not apply lotion to yourself before coming to use the spray as it tends to keep the UV Spray from reaching your skin properly.

People ask if they can use a tanning bed either before or after the spray session. Of course you can but if it is right before do not use a lotion.

Now our spray unit takes roughly a minute to complete the process, that is after you are in the unit and ready. The spray is in the form of a fog, then you are gently air dried and and the process is complete. The whole process is very nice and the results are phenominal so why not come on by and try a UV Free spray tan real soon. The cost for a session is just $19.95.