Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Firestar Island is a Very Popular Lotion

 FIRESTAR ISLANDÒ:  (Hemp, Tingle) There is a place that is known to only a select few. A place where all tanning inhibitions are stripped away and your skin is taken to an extreme darkness level that was once unimaginable to all of civilization. Where is this hidden fortress of tanning extravagance? Secretly it is hidden deep in the heart of the tropical paradise known only as "Firestar Island". Once you start down this mysterious path to skin smoothing silicone infused Maxxx Tingle tanning, there is no turning back. Your skin will emerge darker and softer than you ever thought possible. Beware, you will be swept away by this ancient skin care formulation combined with the latest in 21st century bio-tanning technology for a perfect infusion of fiery tingle perfection. Only Advanced tanners will venture to this level.

This is a fantastic lotion from Skincare by Hoss it is a skin firming tanning maximizer with a slight tingle. With this lotion you will get fast results that you will be very happy with. You will appear shades darker after just one use. It smells great.

Firestar Island is our lotion of the week at Tan Down Under the Original in Gresham.

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