Thursday, August 16, 2012

Differences between Indoor and Outdoor Tanning

You made a wise decision in choosing to tan in a comfortable, controlled atmosphere. Our goal is to help you achieve the best tan possible while teaching you how to avoid sunburn and overexposure, both outdoors in the sunshine and indoors at Tan Down Under.

It is interesting how when you tan your skin tans the same whether you are tanning indoors or outdoors and it actually takes ultraviolet light rays to stimulate the production of melanin, the pigment tthat makes your skin tan.

There are two kinds of ultraviolet light, UVA and UVB talked about with regards to tanning. Some tanning units use different combinations of these two tanning rays. Keep in mind that whatever the combination being used in that certain bed you are tanning in, your exposure time is regulated by the federal government to minimize your risk of sunburn.

So the big difference between tanning indoors or outdoors is how the light and exposure time is controlled.
Controlled exposure is done in a salon by utilizing the manufacturers exposure times during each session. When you go outside it is so common for nearly everyone lose track of time and get overexposed or sunburned. Think about the variables when you tan outside. Think about how the movement of the earth can change the angle and intensity of the light you are exposed too. In addition clouds can make a difference as well. While a tanning bed is set a certain distance from your skin and on for a certain amount of time you are much less likely to suffer a sunburn as a result of your tanning session

I thought this would be a fantastic time for me to talk about the difference between indoor and outdoor tanning.

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